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Confessions of a Mountain Girl

I want to take a minute to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who donated to my GoFundMe campaign, it was very scary not to have income while going through breast cancer, and the generous support of so many of you made it possible for us as a family to focus on healing and recovering rather than stress. 

Recovering from radiation therapy, one month on that heart rate monitor was quite an experience!Recovering from radiation therapy, one month on that heart rate monitor was quite an experience!

Now that we have breast cancer behind us, here's what's on tap: I spent the down/couch time going back to school online at Arizona State University to complete my degree in Art History. I have about 30 credits left and should graduate this coming summer 2019. I love art, and last summer, I got to travel through Europe for the first time ever with my good friend Richard and my kids. We had the opportunity to see all the art I’ve only read about. Completing my degree in Art History is going to enable me to make your experience on our travels that much more interesting as we wander around our arrival and departure cities. I just completed my first semester at ASU with a 4.0GPA, I’m pretty stoked!

I also edited the textbook I wrote for Applied Anatomy for Asana (a textbook for yoga instructors) and taught Anatomy for the Vimana Teacher Training this summer, something I dearly love to do. This was my first big test while recovering from radiation therapy, it was challenging for my energy, but it went well and it was great to get my textbook into its second edition.

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Students taking their final exam in Anatomy at Vimana Yoga in Basalt

Bodhi and I attended classes at Anderson Ranch, where I got to dive deep into painting again, something I haven’t done in 12 years, miss a lot and am so glad to be doing again. Giving my kids tours of the incredible museums and art all around Paris, Amsterdam and London uncorked me in a way I honestly never thought would happen again since I left my art career in 2003.

In between these events, I had moments where I spent a bunch of time in the ER dealing with bizarre symptoms of lingering effects from radiation (apparently, I'm Side Effect Girl! Superpowers I never knew I had…) and practicing yoga at home and in Basalt to try to maintain some strength. 

You may have heard that we had a big, scary fire in Basalt (right down the road from Aspen) this summer, our first responders were amazing. We were packed for evacuation in Aspen, Basalt did get evacuated, and the first responders saved both El Jabel and Basalt by the skin of their teeth, an incredible job. 

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Bodhi during final crit in our Ink, Paper, Brush class at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO.

Transformational Adventures also expanded at the end of last season, adding the incredible Catherine Rohrstaff to our crew, and she and Malena Sotomayer are working hard behind the scenes to make sure that THIS season of extraordinary adventures will be our best yet. 

My goal with Transformational Adventures is to expand to include trips that go further than skiing. Many of you have asked for yoga retreats, personal development trips, art trips (both viewing and making), and more. To that end, you will see our calendar continue to transform as well!

We only travel to places where I have developed personal connections, allowing us to experience a place not as tourists but as friends traveling to see friends. To that end, this year's Japan trip will include a trip to Tokyo to participate in hand making traditional Mulberry paper, we are connected with this family cottage industry through the teacher of a class I took at Anderson Ranch in Aspen this summer. 

We are going to add a feature to our website where you can help direct the trips we put up, regardless of whether you sign up or not. Do you want to go to Florence and take an art history tour? Do you want to go ride bicycles in Amsterdam? How about a trip to New York to see Julius Caesar at my favorite new Shakespeare venue, Theater for a New Audience? Remember, the trip is just a catalyst for change.

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Richard loving life in London in our incredible European adventure.

We will also be adding a "Dollars and Sense" page to the website which explains how we come to our total price for each trip, transparency is important to me, and I want you to understand where your dollar is going. We aim to be as fully inclusive as possible, one price for the trip, no nickel, and dime-ing. Our trips cost more than the typical "tour" but we also never stick you on a tour bus and let someone else do the work. We travel together, a small group of friends heading off to have new experiences with friends in interesting places, who can help open us up to the possibility. 

Themes which will occur on every trip are there to aid you in sparking joy, passion, deepening patience with yourself and others, coming to a more compassionate and curious place, and living your life through the power of YES. I am so excited to begin this journey with you. 

Lastly, you don't have to travel with us to have transformational experiences in your own life. I'm a coach, and I am now working on-line with clients for one-hour sessions. Topics are whatever you are trying to work on in your life, interpersonal relationships, working on how you see yourself, treat yourself, how to change the trajectory of your path, how to embrace the "bad" with the "good", working through shame, imposter syndrome, self-worth, and so much more. Check out for more information, including traveler's one-hour free session!

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Preparing Michelle's Birthday Dinner in the beautiful kitchen of the Paris Zendo, talking about parenting, and how to feel whole during the process. 

Watch your inbox next week for the following trips in 2018/19:

Journaling and Journeying: Late October: All-levels (including first-timers) yoga, journaling and meditation retreat at a beautiful private ranch in Oregon. Hiking, walking meditation, get away from tech and connect with yourself. Farm to table private chef, beautiful location. 12 spots. 

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Wallowa, Oregon. One of the most beautiful spots in North East Oregon. 

Powder Kindergarten: Big Red Cats, Nelson, BC Early January

Always wanted to learn to ski powder, but scared to go on your own, don't want to be a drag on people that know how to do it? Come with National Alpine Team Member Jennifer Simpson and myself to Big Red, just outside Nelson, BC for four days of lessons in our private cat! Fall down as much as you need to, get video coaching, tech talks, yoga, stretching, and so much more! 11 spots.

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Peter Ferre brought his daughter Jordan on a trip to Big Red Cats outside Nelson, BC

JaPOW, powder, and Yoga in Niseko Early February

Two days in Tokyo art, food and paper making tour on the back end of this trip. 

Come to Japan with Emily Longfellow of Vimana Yoga and myself for a week of mad skiing on and off-piste in Japan! Emily will be leading the yoga, we will have an additional instructor (surprise coming!) for this trip as well. Back country options and hot springs available. Stay in a large, private house with our chef and masseuse for the trip of a lifetime. 20 spots (3 booked already)

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Gretchen getting ghosted in Japan

Magic Of Skiing with Thomas Crum: Mid Feb (always around the Super Bowl)

Every year I get to coach in this extraordinary program in Aspen. Principles of Aikido and meditation applied to ski. Maximum Joy, Minimum struggle in skiing and in life. A family-friendly camp, my favorite week on skis! Book early, this trip sells out. Please reference us when you book directly through Aiki works from our website. 

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Skiing with Thomas Crum is an incredibly transformative experience! 

Fondue Party at the Eiger! Switzerland Redux early March

2 days in Zurich - art and eating tour on the front end. 

We return to the beautiful UNESCO heritage site that is Wengen and the Jungfrau region for amazing spring skiing in the Swiss Alps. Stay in our favorite old school hotel with friends who have owned this family establishment since the 1800s. Family friendly trip, all ages, all levels, all abilities, non-skiers welcome. We can book out the whole hotel, so book early to bring friends and family. The town of Wengen, and surrounding towns are walking friendly (as is all of Switzerland, really), you can sled if you don't like to ski or ride, or just enjoy a glass of wine on every veranda in town. 

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Pancho and I loving life at the foot of the Eiger in the sun. This trip is a spring party on skis!

Powder Playground at Chatter Creek, BC late March

Five spots available, skiers only on this trip, this time. We had a full cat, but shifted this trip to accommodate skiers who wanted to go to Powder Kindergarten early in the season. Because of the small group, we will be limiting this trip to skiers so that clients can take these seats rather than instructors. This trip will sell out, Chatter Creek sells out 100% of its seats a year in advance! This is expert level terrain, learn to pop, drop, jump, ski steep trees and rip around the amazing terrain in this mind blowing playground. Tech talks every day, yoga every morning, amazing food, great guides, great people. 

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The heli ride into Chatter Creek is half the fun. The incredible terrain is not bad either...

New York State of Mind: April 

Julius Caesar at Theater for a New Audience, plus gallery and museum tours of one of our favorite cities! Yoga, art, food, music, and fun. Spring. 

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The cast of Julius Caesar directed by Julie Taymor

Stay tuned for this as well as our upcoming Summer calendar which will include trips toParis, London, Amsterdam, Argentina, Chile and Iceland. 

Of course, the rest of the time, I'll be here in Aspen ready to ski privately with you, email me soon as dates are already filling up. 

Don't see your favorite destination on this list? Or like the trip but want to go privately? Just drop us a line and we will put your dream trip together. 

Stay tuned for details on these trips in your inbox shortly. As always you can make a $500 deposit for any trip to hold your spot if you know you want to go but the details aren't up yet. Once the details go up, if the trip doesn't work for you, no worries, we'll refund your money the moment we get your email. 

Have a beautiful end of summer, and I'm looking forward to adventuring with you soon!


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