Skiing in the Shower

Confessions of a Mountain Girl

If you love to ski fluffy champagne powder, if you love incredible mountain vistas that will blow you away, if you want to take catapult your skiing or snowboarding to the next level then joining Kate Howe on her annual Chatter Creek trip is a must. Kate is a master ski instructor who always puts the needs of the client first and always creates a joyful atmosphere.

She has an incredible knack to zero in on exactly what each of us joining her group needs to immediately improve their skiing and skiing experience. She explains the optimal cutting-edge technique in a way that is easily understood and easily implemented.

I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of ski pros and have found Kate to be one of the very best. Not only is the mountain experience, coaching and skiing/snowboarding phenomenal but the Chatter Creek Lodge experience is equally amazing, especially considering the remoteness of the lodge itself.

The accommodations are clean, comfortable and cozy. The staff is incredibly friendly and always anticipating and providing for all our needs pre- and post-skiing.

The food is delicious and dinner is a fine dining experience every night. With three full-time massage therapists available at the lodge along with a morning yoga stretching class you will always feel refreshed and ready to play again in this powder mecca.

I cannot recommend this trip enough, it is a bucket list experience for anyone who loves to ski/snowboard in a winter paradise.

-Alan Wagner

Image titleKate, Peter F. and Alan on the way out of Chatter Creek in the Heli after an amazing trip. Congrats to all our campers on a fantastic week of intense skiing!

Speaking of having a good time and challenging yourself, I now offer personal coaching. Sign up for a one-hour free consultation on my website at

All clients who come on Transformational Adventures with me are entitled to two one hour sessions of personal coaching, either before or after our trip. If you have traveled with me in 2018, please drop me a line to schedule your session if you would like to utilize this service!

We will soon be rolling out a three-tiered coaching package:

1. EVERYONE gets a free 1-hour consult. Always nice to try before you buy!

2. Moving forward, coaching will be at a rate of $150/hour

3. Subscription service of $500/month for once weekly coaching is available

4. Transformational Adventures clients (those who travel with me starting in 2018) receive two free coaching sessions for each trip they attend. (A $300 value.)

Why Coaching? 

Research by BBI International showed that 75% of Fortune 500 CEOs state coaching as one of their top three factors of success.

Why Coach with Kate? 

  • Create a safe environment in which people see themselves more clearly
  • Identify gaps between where you are and where you need or want to be
  • Ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than you would have asked of yourself
  • And you can feel happier! Because coaching from Kate helps you identify and align your values, create a focus, cut through clutter, break old habits, increase professional and personal fulfillment in life.

Try your free one hour, no obligation coaching session now! Sign up for your spot today. 

Image title

I'm so excited to work with you to bring the joy we can help you find on the ski slopes, in yoga, or wandering the city with me into your personal and work life!

It's snowing in Niseko, Japan!  It's an all-time winter, and if you've always wanted to go, now's the time! Details on our last minute "Git Sum" trip are up at

February 15-22, stay in a beautiful private home, get around in our own private van, eat great food, enjoy yoga every morning, get coaching tips on your riding and skiing, and explore the wonderful possibilities in the fun, rolling, moderate terrain that Japan offers. 

We've been traveling to Japan since 2010, and we'd love to take you! Sign up now, we need 4 powder chasers to make this trip go. 

Next season, 2019, we will be offering another Niseko trip with Emily Longfellow of Vimana Yoga for a 10 day yoga and ski retreat. Get your name on the list now!

Image title

Peter C. getting pitted in his first season in Japan. Join us this year for a wonderful impromptu trip to epic JaPOW, or join us next year for an immersive ski/yoga retreat with Emily Longfellow and myself. 

Coming up! Switzerland with PSIA National Team Member Brian Smith. Weems Westfeldt won't be joining us this year, but we will be returning to the UNESCO heritage site that is the Jungfrau region. Stay in the Falken Hotel, owned by our friends Sina and Jenny, sing songs with Cathy on the piano, let Marco make you up a lovely drink, come home to the Swiss Alps!

This is a truly unique trip, great for high-level adventure seekers as well as non-skiers who prefer to walk, shop and sightsee. 

We will be skiing the Altsch Glacier behind the Eiger if conditions permit, and spectators can either ride the Jungfrauloch back down to town (through the heart of the great Eiger itself), or ride in a glacier plane above the skiers as we descend. 

Beginning skiers will join the local ski school, intermediate through double black skiers will be in our group. You can even join us on a sledge if you like, there are popular sledging routes all over the region! Sign up now at

Image title

The Alpenglo hits the Jungfrau in the late afternoon sun. This photo was taken with my iPhone from the front step of the Hotel Falken where we stay with our wonderful friends! Don't miss this trip! It's a life-changer!

Coming up: Midnight Skiing and whale watching in Iceland in May, Chile trip to Valle Nevado and wandering Pablo Neruda's neighborhood in August. 

You may have heard through the grapevine that I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer about a week before Christmas this year. This was pretty surprising. Luckily, we caught it as early as it can be caught, we have great doctors, and we feel confident in our treatment plan. I'm so grateful for all of the support and encouragement from friends, family, and other breast cancer warriors. My treatment plan should not impact our trips at all. I'm not worried, (in fact, I feel great), so you shouldn't be either! I'm very open about it, so if you have any questions, feel free to talk with me about it. I believe silence and secrecy gives rise to darkness, so I choose transparency. 

(What photo should I put here!?? Hah!)

I'm looking forward to Adventuring with you soon, should it be by phone, by plane, by skis, in museums, at dinner, in the yoga studio, on foot or by motorcycle. Let's challenge your perspective!

With fondness and gratitude,


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