Skiing in the Shower

Confessions of a Mountain Girl

This season, Cindy put her fear behind her. She faced the fact that she is the one that has control over her story, and how much of it informs her ability to enjoy herself today, in this moment. She came out for three days with her hubby and younger son, and lucky her, it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. 

She had no choice, because even the groomers were off piste with this much snow. Together, Cindy and I worked on the technical skills she needed to improve to ski in the powder and crud in low visibility. We worked on tactical choices. And finally, we worked on the emotional piece. A willingness to stand on that ankle, trust it, drive it through the snow. We worked on acceptance, freedom, willingness, surrender. She tied it all together with a determined drive to get through this emotional and scary situation. 

And suddenly, Cindy broke through. “I love the powder!!!!” I heard her laugh as we pulled up from a long run down Sheer Bliss in the trees yesterday. “Oh my goodness, I feel so free, like I’m floating!” she gushed. 

Welcome back to skiing, Cindy. We missed you. What's next, now that you are free? I can't wait to see. 

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What holds you back? What story do you cary around with you, what holds you back, what’s the real excuse that keeps you from feeling free, like you are floating? Let’s tackle it together this year in Aspen or wherever the snow calls you!

Up Next: Graduation Trip! Some of my favorite adventures are with folks who ski with me in Aspen, working towards a goal. Peter F. has been working on improving his skiing for five years with me. This January 18, we will travel to Chatter Creek, Brittish Columbia to celebrate his determination and success with five days of cat skiing at a remote lodge. Stay tuned for pics and stories!

Welcome to the team!  We are growing! Please welcome Malena Sotomayor, our new Ground Ops Co-Ordinator. Malena is a travel agent, and a whiz at logistics. As you dream up adventures for us to go on, or think of joining a group trip, you will probably hear from Malena. Feel free to pepper her with questions, she will always find the answer! Malena, we are so excited to have you on board. 

Want to travel and explore the world on skis? 

Visit for two upcoming trips: 

March 10-18 in Wengen, Switzerland with Weems Westfeldt, and late September in Puerto Montt, Chile for a South American Spring road trip to several extraordinary ski lodges built on spectacular volcanos. 

Kate Howe
Here's to dreams of Snow, Bliss, Freedom and Adventure!

Kate Howe

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