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The best adventures possible are right here. Stay and play in Aspen with all the advantages of a local on your side.

Where is the snow the best?
Where should we go for the fastest lunch at Snowmass?
How do I get into Cloud 9?
What's the Cat Skiing like on Aspen Mountain?
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4 days of intensive personal study, no yoga experience necessary. Journey inside to discover what you believe to be true about yourself, and explode, embrace and make room for new concepts. Hiking, meditation, yoga, and intensive journeying into self, center, fear, and hope. Local organic food in an idyllic setting in rural Oregon on a private ranch. More information to come soon.

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Learn to ski or snowboard more challenging terrain in deep British Columbia powder, pillows, drops, rolls, and there's always a workaround. Coaches: Kate Howe and Jon Delk. This camp WILL SELL OUT!  

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I am proud to be a part of the team coaching for Aikido Grand Master Thom Crum for a week of purpose, life, effort, ease, struggle and surrender. Transform you skiing, your relationsihps, your sense of self. This remarkable experience is in it's 37th year. Don't miss it. 

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Niseko is truly THE powder skier’s paradise. Niseko may as well be a synonym for snow, as it never stops snowing here. Niseko is located in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan and it lies just southwest of the city of Sapporo.

Niseko consistently has some of the deepest powder snow you will ever ski. Here you will find something for every skier: wide open powder fields, immaculately groomed runs, exciting tree skiing and an abundance of off-piste terrain and backcountry skiing. This area of Japan’s amazing skiing is most famous for its pillows of snow that you can explode through, trails of white smoke following your every turn and face shots that go over your head.

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Join Brian Smith and Kate Howe in Switzerland next year 2019 to explore the Jungfrau region, take the train up inside the Eiger, and, conditions permitting, ski the glacier. At the foot of the glacier, a van awaits us to return to town. Good food, good friends, great adventure awaits...

March 8 - 17, 2019

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Heli-Skiing in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. Limitless terrain ignites new exploration in even the most seasoned of skiers. Long daylight hours allow us to choose the best time of day to ski given the weather and snow conditions.

Skiing, however, is just part of the Icelandic adventure. Sea kayaking in the fjords, riding the famed Icelandic horses, whale watching, puffin chasing, surfing and exploring the unique volcanic terrain of the world’s youngest land mass are also on tap. Add the fact that hot springs are around nearly every corner make Iceland a bucket-list destination.

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– Past Adventures – 
The kinds of trips you can take with me

See pics, read stories, and get inspired to plan your own custom trip.
If one of these past adventures looks perfect for you, we can copy it exactly.
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We rented an SUV, watched the weather, and road tripped it from Valle Nevado near Santiago, Chile, to Nevados de Chillians (home of some very famous Thermal Hot Springs) and beat an epic storm by about two hours as we rolled into Las Lenas. Pinned in the hotel for two days, we skied the deep, fresh pow in some of the gnarliest lift-served terrain we've ever seen for the next eight days straight. On the way back to Santiago, we stopped in Ski Portillo to say hi to friends. A truly epic trip!
Sayulita is a wonderful small fishing town which has turned into a surfing haven. My family and I spent almost three months during the monsoon exploring the area, making friends, and connecting with the locals. It was so great that my little sister decided to stay permanently! This is the future home of a yoga/surfing group trip.
I spent the spring of 2016 skiing in the back country around Aspen with my friend Geoff Stump. We filmed the first episode of a show called Home Cooked Skiing, which you'll be able to check out on the web this winter.
Two friends wanted to experience the ultimate Japan powder trip... and we got a little bit of everything! Japan is truly unique, wonderful, exotic, and challenging. But totally worth it.
I'm fortunate to be a coach for Thom Crum's Magic of Skiing every season. This is truly the most inspirational week on skis for me. Thom is an Aikido Grand Master and a legend in Mental Performance. While I was going through my own National Alpine Team Selection training, Thom worked one on one with me as I struggled to connect to purpose, find my bliss, and perform under enormous pressure. Every one of those lessons I carry over into my own coaching, in this very special immersive week, and in every experience I share with guests.
A two-day workshop for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners. Students learned to:
  • Apply bodywork and massage techniques to practitioners in real time, while they are practicing
  • Discover the art of touch and the five types of movement, and
  • Help even advanced-level practitioners safely go deeper into their postures.
The system: I developed Yoga Bodywork Adjustments while assisting Saraswati Jois in Mysore, India. I found that applying massage techniques in yoga adjustments was the key to consistently unlocking practitioners' bodies.

Ever wonder how my clients and I come up with ideas for great adventure ski trips?

My mountaineering partner and I travel the world in the off-season, searching out unique experiences and places that our clients will love.

This year, we discovered that:
  • There are skiable volcanos all over Southern Chile and Argentina
  • Many of them have lift access to mind-blowing touring
  • Every trip should center around the location of the closest hot springs

The focus of NASTC (North American Ski Training Center) is for skiers to push, learn, and hone big mountain skills with former PSIA Alpine Demo Team members all over the world. This year we went to the Corralco ski area on Lonquimai volcano in Malalcahuelo, Chile.

I joined the group for their last four days of skiing and climbing. I then spent the next six weeks scouting for future NASTC adventures in South America (exciting news about this coming soon!).

A fun bonus was a little-known and unforgettable hot springs.

Every four years the National Alpine Teams from more than 32 countries get together at the International Skiing Congress for Interski. If that sounds like one big meeting, it is. But it's also a great way for skiing professionals from all over the world to connect and share ideas.

My favorite parts:
  • Attending a clinic given by the Austrian demo team
  • Discovering methods for improving communication in ski teaching
  • The fact that we were only 1000 km from Antartica.

Because heli skiing!

This summer in Valle Nevado my client got to ski some of the longest, steepest, most beautiful terrain he's ever experienced. With condors circling overhead.

Some special things about heli skiing in Valle Nevado:
  • Small, friendly groups of four skiers
  • Lots of individual attention
  • The ability to ski almost wherever you want, with drops up to 15,800 ft.
  • Extremely experienced pilots and guides

One of the best weeks of skiing of our lives!

Located at the spectacular SkiPortillo, Chile with 10 feet of fresh snow and only 200 people on the mountain, my client got to ski in small groups with the following skiing superstar coaching him:
  • Ingrid Backstrom
  • Mike Douglas
  • Olympian Wendy Fischer
  • Chris Anthony
  • and Jess McMillan
Camp of the Superstars generally takes place the first week of August each year.

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