Free from Fear and Judgement, Skiing shows you who you CAN be.

Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen/Snowmass

Being a trainer and instructor for the Ski and Snowboard schools of Aspen/Snowmass has allowed me to connect with people, share knowledge, and change people's lives.
For the past nine years I've been a ski instructor for the Ski and Snowboard schools of Aspen/Snowmass and absolutely love it.

Every day I get to be a coach, a friend, a teacher and an athlete, and share those experiences with clients and instructors.

As they ski, my clients let go of things that have held them back from transforming themselves into the skiers and athletes they are inside.

I came to Ski and Snowboard schools of Aspen/Snowmass nine years ago because of the excellent reputation of the training department.

I'm honored to be a trainer in our school, and I believe that failure is an essential part of learning. To that end, I strive to create safe spaces for our pros to experiment and fail on the way to deeper understanding.
I believe that things you love to do are more fun when you are good at them.

In order to get good at them, you have to be coachable. You have to be looking for teachers and recognize them when they show up. You have to be a rabid student.

I have spent the last 11 years studying the culture, history, and technical foundations of skiing, from PSIA to big-mountain skiing, in order to better understand the sport that I love.

How Skiing Inspired Me To Live A Different Life

Skiing has the power to change lives, and that has me interested.

In the mountains, people discover who they are, what holds them back, what they wish they could be, and who they decide they WILL be.

I am passionate about ALL of skiing, and when I joined the community in 2007, I became a student of the sport; studying old films, reading all the books I could find. I pestered my mentors in PSIA, and I traveled all over the globe asking questions of icons in the sport, trying to figure out what it was that attracted so many disparate personalities to skiing, trying to figure out what skiing WAS to so many people.

I love the sub-cultures in skiing, I believe they make us a stronger whole. I spent amazing days with big-mountain Pioneer Bill Briggs, climbing legend and outdoor industry pioneer Yvonne Chuinard, racing legend Pepi Stiegler and so many more... just listening. I spent mornings around the table where the veteran instructors congregate in the Sun Deck in Aspen, listening.

I collected stories and discovered that my own path was one of curiosity about two things: Could I get technically proficient enough to let go and fly in any terrain I encountered, and what were the common threads that could help me learn from all the different groups of people I got to hang out with.

This journey shaped me as a skier, as a trainer, as a student of our industry, our guests, and our legends, and has brought me right back home to Aspen Skiing Company, where I am excited to settle in and continue to listen... this time even more to the pros who are on their own development path.

Last spring I was selected as an Examiner for the PSIA-RM division. I'm so stoked!

As an Examiner, I'm excited to help new instructors embrace the learning process: Trying, Failing, Trying again. I love to create a safe space for learning to take place, a lab where instructors can work on and test and strengthen their knowledge without judgement. I believe in "Let's give it a try, what do you think the answer is?"