Free from Fear and Judgement, Adventuring shows you who you CAN be.

Who are we? and Transformational Adentures is a select group of individuals who all embody the ideals of compassion, self-examination, and hard work as an essential path to growth. We are skiers, snowboarders, travlers, teachers, writers, yoga instructors and personal coaches.

While the company started with Kate, it has grown over the years to include an incredibly accomplished, humble, giving team.
Comfort is the anathema to the re-discovery of self. Do you still dream about what you can become? Or do you believe you are stuck with who you grew into? We believe that good stress, literally traveling outside of your comfort zone, with the support of a compassionate teacher, sparks growth...

Some people believe that we are the sum of our experiences. However, what we at Transformational Adventures believe to be the most important aspect of a rich, fulfilling life are not the experiences you have, but what you learn from them, how you let them change you, how you take those lessons back into your life.

We believe this because we've lived it. Read on.
What is a Delk? Is it some weird Scandinavian word? Possibly some long-standing English family name? Or could it be the unholy union of a Deer and an Elk? Regardless, Jon Delk is a habitant of Aspen, Colorado. He fills his winters teaching snowboarding and skiing out of Aspen/Snowmass.

Whether its jumps, half-pipe, big powder lines, back-country or some strange mix of them all, you will see Jon Delk on snow most everyday. Jon has spent time in New Zealand, Japan and all over Colorado seeking and destroying epic powder lines.

He is an Examiner with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, Certified in Avalanche Response and Backcountry Touring by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, NOLS Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified and generally a pretty nice guy.
Brian Smith is a PSIA National Alpine Team member and a really fun guy to ski with! Brian says: "I’m most attracted to the excitement of skiing in different kinds of terrain and conditions.

I grew up racing, and racing has its share of different conditions, but is limited in that it takes place on traditionally cut trails. Having started out as a gate banger, I’m now a tree skiing bump freak. Experiencing the freedom of the open mountain environment is where I’m most happy.

Going to different areas of any one resort is an adventure both in scenery and in conditions."
"I’ve taught, watched people teach, and watched people learn skiing (and other snow sports) for 45 years. It has been a long apprenticeship (and one not over yet) with lots of research, fun, and wonderful people. What a thrill it is to be part of the collaboration when people improve.

The same goes for any sport, whether I’m the teacher or the learner (or, of course, both). And some of it has been pretty funny." 

-Weems Westfeldt: Brilliant Skiing: Every Day

Born in Boulder and schooled at Dartmouth, Weems Westfeldt is a ski instructor extraordinaire. As creator of the Sports Diamond, a special program at Aspen/Snowmass, his unique teaching methods often trigger EUREKA moments in even the most cynical students.
Malena is a mother of two boys and a girl, a travel agent, and a life coach living in Florida. Without her, we would all be sunk. Malena helps us all to get where we are going both literally and figuratively. She not only finds flights for everyone, she organizes the smallest detail behind the scenes and keeps Transformational Adventures running.

It is not unusual for Malena to be solving problems for a group in Chile in the middle of the night from her computer in Florida, and she handles it so beautifully that the guests never even know there was a problem to be averted in the first place. 
Kate believes anything you love to do is more fun when you are good at it. Kate is a huge proponent of pushing your boundaries... but believes that you are moving the boundaries yourself through skill acquisition.

Kate is an examiner for PSIA-RM, and a trainer for the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen/Snowmass.

She is also a certified Yoga instructor and worked as the assistant to Saraswathi Jois (Ashtanga, Mysore, India), as well as a certified Massage Therapist who specializes in neck, back, and shoulder pain, manual therapies for sports excellence, and asian therapies as well as Kinesio Taping.

For more information on how Transformational Adventures came to be, the founding principals behind our coaching methods and a deep dive into where we are coming from when we work with you, scroll down!
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