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Without these guys, I'd be skiing naked on my bare feet. Thank goodness for them.

Right after my lumpectomy and before we went on an epic ski trip to Switzerland, @costa sent me an amazing box of goodies which I love!

Here’s the unboxing after we skier down to our house at the ranch by headlamp in about 10” of fresh. 

Thanks for the love Costa, LEKIStrafe OuterwearPOC and Marker

Gear that Works. And Rocks. That I love.

I work with companies who build gear that I am rabid about. I believe in the gear they produce, and I am stoked to work and play in it every single day.
I love POC because of the incredible amount of research and development that goes into their products. They are constantly innovating, and not just from a design and style perspective, but everything they do is from a safety perspective.

I know that this company keeps me safe on the slopes and on my bike. I count on it! To top it off, POC was my very first sponsor. They took a chance on me when no one else did.

Visit Poc Online »
Marker has been an industry standard for years. The bindings are secure and strong. They release and hang on when they should.

One of my favorite innovations with Marker was a boot-scraper bar which they began installing on the toe piece of their bindings. This is a company that listens to its consumers and continues to innovate in ways that matter.

Visit Marker Bindings Online »

I am honored to be a Team Leki Athlete this year! Their gear is inspirational, functional, and beautiful, and I'm stoked to be working with them.

The Trigger S system is one of the most ingenious designs I've ever come across in skiing. I love it for two reasons.

First, it lets me get in and out of my ski poles almost immediately. This lets me talk and gesture and then ski away without fussing with my ski straps.

Second, and more importantly, when I use the adjustable ski strap with the Trigger S, I am safer. This summer in South America, I had a fall that certainly would have resulted in surgery to my thumb, but because of Leki's Trigger S System, the fall blew my strap snap open and I skied away without an injury.

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Strafe Outerwear is made locally by a team of passionate ski mountaineers. The gear is incredibly functional, tested and improved every day at the Highlands ski area. 

The gear is incredibly versatile. I've never had gear that works so well charging around in deep powder, as well as climbing up whatever mountain is your objective for the day. Strafe gear has huge vents, smartly placed zippers and pockets, and is made with integrity and intention by people who care. 

I've never fallen in love so fast with gear, I've been a loyal customer since the first opportunity I had to get my hands on this amazing gear.

Visit Strafe Outerwear Online »
I destroy gear. Traveling around the globe approximately 80 days per year on ski trips, I blow luggage, and especially boot bags, apart. Add another 40 days on the road examining for PSIA, and my poor boot bag falls apart about twice a season. Kulkea boot bags are not only made from incredibly durable material, they are designed to be tough, take abuse, an keep working.

Kulkea bags in general are incredibly well thought out, pockets everywhere you want them, zippers that don't break, heating elements that make the entire boot warm without killing your punches.

Visit Kulkea On Line »

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Sponsorship is an honor, and I work hard for the companies who believe in me.

I am so stoked to get to play in the best gear around. I'm honored by the faith and trust that these companies place in me, and so stoked that they took a chance on me. Skiing is my passion, and it is an absolute joy to do in beautiful, highly functional, amazing gear. Thank you!