Yoga Bodywork Adjustments

A Seven-Day Continuing Education Course In Manual Adjustments For Yogic Practitioners

Get Better Hands, Faster

Developed by Kate Howe while assisting Saraswati Jois in 2014, the Yoga Bodywork Adjustments training course can be integrated into or taught in addition to a standard 200- or 500-hour yoga teacher training course.

This is only existing system that uses knowledge of anatomy and bodywork techniques to help you give safer and more helpful adjustments for your yoga students.

Imagine The Benefit Of Helping Your Students Move More Effortlessly Into Postures

With input from senior teachers in Mysore, India, Kate has developed a new system of therapeutic body work that complements your instruction: Yoga Bodywork Adjustments.

The profoundly powerful process works to release a student’s physiological barriers in a pose, and help the student achieve a deeper posture – even before mechanical adjustments to the pose are provided by the instructor.

Yoga Bodywork Adjustments are designed to be used during a lead-class or in the Mysore room, as well as with private clients.

The system is practical, scalable, and provides long-lasting results. Most of these bodywork techniques are done while the student is in the posture, prior to a mechanical adjustment.

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"A Unique Ability To Guide Clients Through Self-Imposed Limits In A Way That Carries Through The Rest Of Your Life." – P.C.

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